New Styles for 2017 Wedding Season

The Bold & Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles for 2017


Now that the rainy season is at a close here in Bali, wedding season in full swing. Brides all around are scavenging pintrest for their favourite wedding up-dos. I’ve taken the chance myself to look for this years Bridal Hairstyles for some hair inspiration but I still see the classic wedding hairstyles which will never grow old for brides but for me as a hairstylist with 16 years of wedding hair experience, I have grown a bit bored of the same old styles. So I have complied some hair inspiration photos for those bride that are willing to be a bit more daring and opt with the traditional wedding hairstyles. Here you go!


We will see many wedding hairstyles with accessories this year. The important thing about accessorising your wedding hair is that you don’t over do it. In this style the headpiece is beautiful but makes a bold statement. The hair is simply polished straight and the look fits perfectly. Here is another great look using accessories.

I am really loving the exaggerated parting, pinning one side up and classic curls cascading down the opposite side. This wedding hairstyle suits anyone and it doesn’t matter if you have fine, thick, straight, curly, short or long hair. It looks great with all hair textures and lengths. It is delicately accented with a flowered brooch.

This style is for the fashion forward bride. A bit Gwen Stefani, a bit 1960’s and a bit Aliens. It exquisitely coiffed, clean, polished but doesn’t have room for accessories. It would suit well with a high neck wedding dress.

Braiding will never go out of style with wedding hair. But we have all seen the same braided hairstyles
done over and over and over again. Try something a bit different with plaiting like this picture.
It’s a bit more edgy then the traditional three strand braid but clean and classy.
It would suit really well with a little brooch at the start of the plait. Or a sheer veil just underneath the plait near the hairline.

And Finally a bit of a chignon. A change from the low messy bun. This style is one you can surely dance the night away without having to worry about it coming loose. Its elegant and no need to worry about fussy hairs falling in your face during the night.

Wedding Hair Do’s & Don’ts


Wedding season is just around the corner and brides-to-be all around are preparing for the big “I Do”. One thing on the wedding-to-do list is finding the right wedding hairstyle and make-up application. Your wedding day should be stress free so, here are few tips to help better you prepare for the big day.

Rule #1

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do a wedding hair and make-up trial. This really is not a service you want to skip out on. Especially if you decide to try a hairstyle that you aren’t used to. The last thing you want is, come wedding day, you look in the mirror and here comes BRIDEZILLA!!! Trust me on this, I have done many weddings and it’s just for your own peace of mind. You may really like one hairstyle but it may not work with your length or texture. It’s the same as not trying out the wedding cake. Would you really order your wedding cake without tasting it first? My point exactly. Ask your hairdresser for a trial, bring some references of hair and makeup inspiration and try a few different looks until you get the one that works for you.

Rule #2

If you are getting married in Bali, you will have to take into consideration of the humid weather. If you know your hair doesn’t hold curl very well you may want to opt for a up-do wedding hairstyle instead. Your hair may look great the first two hours down and curly but by wedding time it will be straight frizzy and you won’t be happy. Your hairstylist should also be aware of this.

Rule #3

If you’re not used to heavy make-up, stick to something more natural. You don’t want to walk down the aisle looking like a drag queen. This again is why we highly recommend a wedding make-up trial. If your wedding is during the day and outdoors go for light eyes and a bit more colour on the lips. If you are having an evening wedding, dark eyes are appropriate but stick to a nude and light lip.

Rule #4

It ‘s  not a bad idea to have your wedding beauty team on call for touch-ups. You want to look flawless in photos so if its in your budget, book it in. You may get teary eyed and even the best make-up may smudge so, its a good idea that your make-up artist is on standby for a quick beauty fix.

Rule #5

Don’t be afraid to add some flair to your hairstyle. Either flowers or headpiece. There are many wedding hair accessories out there. My favourite are Wedding Hair Pieces by Teeki by Love Marie Bridal I also love a classic wedding veil. Just don’t over do it. Remember less is more when it comes to accenting. Bring your wedding accessories along with you to your trial to you make sure they go well with your wedding hairstyle.

Rule #6

Do get your hair coloured before hand. Nothing worse than having grey or dark roots with your beautiful finished look. Schedule your colour appointment a week before the wedding day.

Rule #7

Do wash your hair the day before your wedding day but DON”T over condition it. There is a misconception of having dirty hair for an up-do. Hair needs to be clean plain and simple. If your hair doesn’t hold curl your hairstylist will use products to help add some texture. Ans Over-conditioning may make the hair too soft and hairpins may not hold as well.


Yes you are the queen for the day just don’t let it turn you into a nasty witch. Nobody likes a bridezilla!!! Remember you are beautiful, you have chosen the best wedding hair and make-up Team and the most important thing is that you marrying your prince charming. Now go have your fairytale wedding!


Confessions of a Hairdresser

Bali Wedding Hair and Make-Up
Bali Wedding Hair and Make-Up

Confessions of a Hairdresser……going on 16 years I can honestly say I’m grateful to have chosen Hairstyling as my profession. Hairdressing is not just about making your clients feel and look beautiful. However that is one of the most rewarding parts, But for some of you I have also had privilege to be a part of your most intimate moments, like your wedding day. As all the guest are rushing out the door before the ceremony, I am usually there with the bride, helping her with her shoes, tying up her dress, and giving her a quick pep talk and quickly touching up her hair and make-up before she walks down the aisle. I have helped some out of their comfort zones. Those that have always dreaded their natural curly hair have rediscovered how to play and style their curly cues.  Some have sat in my chair feeling comfortable enough to open their hearts and share their most personal secrets. Even at times TOO MUCH INFORMATION!! hahaha But it is a safe haven for all your dirty little secrets and I promise to take them to the grave.  I cherish the longtime friendships I have created in the process. You were first my client but I called you a friend. I hope for most of you😜 you have left your appointments with a skip in your step and feel fresh with your new-do. I’m not the greatest hairdresser, don’t claim to be, I’ve had my faults but I promise to continue honing my skill technically and creatively. Hairstyling is my passion and I hope to keep doing this, what I call a “job” for a very very long time….thank you for your support!