Confessions of a Hairdresser

Bali Wedding Hair and Make-Up
Bali Wedding Hair and Make-Up

Confessions of a Hairdresser……going on 16 years I can honestly say I’m grateful to have chosen Hairstyling as my profession. Hairdressing is not just about making your clients feel and look beautiful. However that is one of the most rewarding parts, But for some of you I have also had privilege to be a part of your most intimate moments, like your wedding day. As all the guest are rushing out the door before the ceremony, I am usually there with the bride, helping her with her shoes, tying up her dress, and giving her a quick pep talk and quickly touching up her hair and make-up before she walks down the aisle. I have helped some out of their comfort zones. Those that have always dreaded their natural curly hair have rediscovered how to play and style their curly cues.  Some have sat in my chair feeling comfortable enough to open their hearts and share their most personal secrets. Even at times TOO MUCH INFORMATION!! hahaha But it is a safe haven for all your dirty little secrets and I promise to take them to the grave.  I cherish the longtime friendships I have created in the process. You were first my client but I called you a friend. I hope for most of you😜 you have left your appointments with a skip in your step and feel fresh with your new-do. I’m not the greatest hairdresser, don’t claim to be, I’ve had my faults but I promise to continue honing my skill technically and creatively. Hairstyling is my passion and I hope to keep doing this, what I call a “job” for a very very long time….thank you for your support! 

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