New Styles for 2017 Wedding Season

The Bold & Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles for 2017


Now that the rainy season is at a close here in Bali, wedding season in full swing. Brides all around are scavenging pintrest for their favourite wedding up-dos. I’ve taken the chance myself to look for this years Bridal Hairstyles for some hair inspiration but I still see the classic wedding hairstyles which will never grow old for brides but for me as a hairstylist with 16 years of wedding hair experience, I have grown a bit bored of the same old styles. So I have complied some hair inspiration photos for those bride that are willing to be a bit more daring and opt with the traditional wedding hairstyles. Here you go!


We will see many wedding hairstyles with accessories this year. The important thing about accessorising your wedding hair is that you don’t over do it. In this style the headpiece is beautiful but makes a bold statement. The hair is simply polished straight and the look fits perfectly. Here is another great look using accessories.

I am really loving the exaggerated parting, pinning one side up and classic curls cascading down the opposite side. This wedding hairstyle suits anyone and it doesn’t matter if you have fine, thick, straight, curly, short or long hair. It looks great with all hair textures and lengths. It is delicately accented with a flowered brooch.

This style is for the fashion forward bride. A bit Gwen Stefani, a bit 1960’s and a bit Aliens. It exquisitely coiffed, clean, polished but doesn’t have room for accessories. It would suit well with a high neck wedding dress.

Braiding will never go out of style with wedding hair. But we have all seen the same braided hairstyles
done over and over and over again. Try something a bit different with plaiting like this picture.
It’s a bit more edgy then the traditional three strand braid but clean and classy.
It would suit really well with a little brooch at the start of the plait. Or a sheer veil just underneath the plait near the hairline.

And Finally a bit of a chignon. A change from the low messy bun. This style is one you can surely dance the night away without having to worry about it coming loose. Its elegant and no need to worry about fussy hairs falling in your face during the night.